Carla Borja

Carla Borja

Carla Borja is an Ecuadorian Chilean journalist from the Pontifica Universidad Católica de Chile who has experience working in digital marketing, news media, magazines, and international organizations. One of her passions is travelling around the world, getting to know different cultures and phographing them. That is why she started travelling during college. Her first time living abroad was in Los Angeles, California, where she studied at UCLA in an studying abroad program. Then she went to live in Australia and travel thought out the Southeast Asia, and after that she went to Washington, D.C., to participate in an internship at the Organizations of American States, and to study photography at the Corcoran School of Art – George Washington University. Since November 2018 she is part of Art Shapers, using her knowledge in communications and photography at the same time.
“Travel and learning from other cultures has always interested me, and I have seized every opportunity to explore new landscapes”.


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